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CORE in India and in Indian languages

I understand that there are 22 “scheduled” languages of India.  Courtesy of Wikipedia I have them as:

  1. Assamese (Asamiya)
  2. Bengali
  3. Bodo
  4. Dogri
  5. Gujarati
  6. Hindi
  7. Kannada
  8. Kashmiri
  9. Konkani
  10. Maithili
  11. Malayalam
  12. Manipuri (includes Meitei)
  13. Marathi
  14. Nepali
  15. Oriya
  16. Punjabi
  17. Sanskrit
  18. Santali
  19. Sindhi
  20. Tamil
  21. Telugu
  22. Urdu

At the moment (30/3/15) a good, approved translation of the CORE-OM has been completed into Gujarati and translation into Urdu under way.  A translation into Kannada got as far as the focus group but seems to have completely stalled since then sadly.  Offers of help to translate the CORE-OM into Hindi were made some years back but overwork prevented me (CE) from taking that forward.  More uncertain offers have been made to take forward translations into Tamil and Bengali but these have not yet moved on.

If you want information or can offer forward translations into any of the above languages or, even better, can offer to lead a translation, do contact me.


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