This file gives a breakdown of the file downloads, from Sat 21/03/20 to 06:00 Sun 03/07/22. A grand total of 42,729 have been downloaded so far. Of course, many were probably by web crawlers (programs that “crawl” the web to build the indices for Google and other search engines, and more frankly malicious ones) and it’s completely impossible to know which downloads led to use.

Anyway, here’s the simple breakdown by file type.

fileType2 n
Fillable PDF 29,790
LimeSurvey form 6,540
Zipped LimeSurvey scannable forms 2,265
Coding spreadsheet 2,198
Qaltrics form 1,936

And the following plots shows how the downloads have varied by day for file type, CORE measure and format of the PDF forms downloaded.

First file type.

Which measure.